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Who is Kannar Earth Science?

Kannar Earth Science® is a manufacturer and US marketer of high quality seed coating products.  Since 1993, Kannar Earth Science® has provided top quality products to the seed conditioning industry.



Known throughout Africa, Europe and China for innovative and environmentally friendly products, the Kannar Group incorporates high speed mixing and ultra fine milling in our product formulations.

Our micro-formulation technology makes our seed coatings superior in concentration and consistency.

Seed Coatings – Colors and Polymers
We are the experts when it comes to colors and polymers.

Our products have been tested and trusted in the field for many years.  They are designed primarily based on individual customer demands and feedback.

The SeedKOTE™ range of products is designed with seed enhancement companies in mind.  Our seed coatings are fully compatible with all kinds of machines and methods commonly used in the seed enhancement industry.

The standard product ranges are exceptional in quality and we work with our customers to develop new products to meet any individual requirements.

Seed Coating Quality
Our products have been thoroughly tested on germination and phyto-toxicity in both laboratory and field conditions by both large and small customers.

We guarantee consistently high quality products and a two year shelf life.

Environmental Stewardship

In an environment of integrity and responsibility, we take environmental stewardship very seriously.

We design our products to be simple and effective in application assuring they are safe both for the environment and for human handling.

Give us a try!
Kannar® is a provider to many of the world’s largest seed enhancement companies.  We offer a responsive and high quality partnership alternative… and we are eager to develop products to meet any individual specifications!